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Classes designed to enhance the creative ability, coordination, and musicality in children 3 -4 years of age. Students will enjoy fun, age appropriate activities designed to foster social interaction and independence as well as an introduction to the arts.  Must be 3 years old as of the starting date of classes.                           


A complete system offering ballet technique. Barre and centre work taught in each class.  Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, and self-discipline.
A progressive system consisting of barre, centre, and floor exercises.  Classes emphasize speed, clarity of sound, rhythm, and training in combinations and routines.


An upbeat class that includes a variety of genres and a blend of unique dance styles that continue to evolve.

Offered to advanced ballet students.  Pointe will successfully demonstrate greater leg and foot strength, balance, and clean and steady execution of exercises learned in ballet.

Hip Hop

A fun, high energy class that helps develop focus, strength, and agility while allowing dancers to incorporate their individual style.

T&K Company

Our company group develops performance skills, accountability, and valuable teamwork lessons that are also helpful outside of the studio environment.  It includes classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip hop and musical theater with an emphasis on improving technique and performance.



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